Personal Pizza, what a waste

One thing I have found really odd about Sweden is the method of eating pizza. In USA a personal pizza is small pizza about the size of a dinner plate. Something you would order if  you were eating alone. Otherwise you would share a pizza of a larger size amongst you and your friends and or family. I noticed very quickly that isn’t necessarily the case here. Everytime a group of us have eaten pizza out and shared a family size pizza in the resturaunt we get odd looks. (I might add a family size pizza is the size of a dinner table HUGE!!) To us it is normal to share and order something we all enjoy, and finish off the whole pizza.

Pizza Leftovers

We look around at other families eating. Each person has a personal pizza of significant size, even small children who will obviously have too much food. Not once have I seen a person actually finish their personal pizza though. It seems if you were going to order a pizza, which is pretty costly to eat out anywhere here, and then only eat a 1/3 of your order it would be more cost efficient to get a larger pizza and share. It kills me to see all the plates full of pizza and bottles full of soda left behind by diners. We have been tempted to eat untouched leftovers and not order there has been so much left behind. Not leftover and then boxed up to take home but just left on the table. When you see a group of 4 people leaving behind half a pizza each I wonder, why couldn’t they order 2 and share?

What a waste of some delicious perfectly good food.

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