The Many Hats of ET

To me Eryk is many things.

Basketball player






Igloo sculptor

To Linde Volley he has also worn many many hats. He is basically part of the team at this point and has helped more than he knows…


Photographer. Since our assistant coach Oskar got a camera Eryk has been taking advantage during our games taking some great shots.

Team Driver. He has taken on this role in many situations driving to and from practices and even a few games.

Practice Player. With too few players to play 6 on 6 he has stepped in on many occasion to help out with practice. It is much better to have at least a person on the court to make situations more realistic. The best part is due to his athleticism he is surprisingly good! He has got some amazing digs and ups that no one expects and guess what, there are always plays like that in the game! Let’s be honest when you are that tall you should be a good blocker!

Superfan AKA LindeMan. This persona developed slowly after a few intense home games where he successfully distracted our opponents. It escalated from yelling with a pot and spoon noisemaker, to a small drum. The appearance has morphed from an orange LindeVolley T-Shirt and a bit of face paint to intimidating colorful face/body paint . The look is evolving and his energy in the stands is unmatched. Now in addition to drumming and yelling he has made some signs to distract when voices aren’t necessary.

I know we didn’t plan on you coming to Sweden but I am so glad you did. It has been wonderful for me and for Linde Volley 🙂 Thank you for everything you have done.

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