I Survived Swedish Winter!!

Winter Whiteness

When I first got to Sweden it was sunny and full of fall colors. The trees had their bright leaves still on, looking like they were on fire when the sun was setting. The lake in Lindesberg reflected all the colors perfectly in the glassy water. That was October. That was proof to me that there is something other than winter in Sweden.

Then there was November. I can describe it in one word…DARK. Sun setting at 3pm. Literally a few hours of light and once darkness came it was darker than anything I have ever experienced. No horizon, no skyline, nothingness.

Then there was December. Winter came full force and never looked back until a week or so ago. It has snowed consistently and been ridiculously cold for months now. When I say cold I mean below freezing my face goes numb but I still have to carry groceries home cold. It was nice to have the snow stay on the ground because it gave the illusion of light bright sunny days even if it was overcast it seemed brighter outside. The coldest I remember seeing the thermometer on was -31C or -23.8F. We went sledding when it was -17C/1.4F. You know it’s a cold winter when the sun is out during the day and its still -15C.

It was a legendary winter for Swedes but even more legendary for me. I have never lived anywhere that snowed like this or had such extreme cold temperatures. I feel proud. I need a badge of honor to show I survived the most harsh winter that Sweden has had since about 1905 or so I believe.

Swedish Winter Window View

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