Bye Bye Ukrazian

Nadya and her bucket of Jam
Nadya & her bucket of Jam

Nadya has officially left.

It was a memorable ride to the airport and a sad goodbye. I felt like we were pushing her out of the nest to fly on her own. She has definitely grown a lot as a person being here. Those of us at Siggebo had a chance to watch her transform first hand from a shy quiet broken english speaking girl to a loud outgoing independent ukrazian. We exposed her to guacamole, broccoli, peanut butter, s’mores, tacos, indian food, Michael Franti, and much much more. She enlightened me with Ukrainian sayings that make little to no sense when translated for example “It feels like there is a bear standing on my ear”.  We became Super Mario masters. She exposed us to Ukrainian Borsh and many other soups and introduced me to unusual remedies for illness. She taught me it is possible to be obsessed with your laptop and internet. Pula showed her dogs can be great pets. She exposed us to lots of Russian :). Eryk showed her how a guy can break you off dancing. Nirelle showed her how her hair looks in cornrows (for a short time). Marcie showed her how to drink and pass out in less than 2 hours. She battled Eryk in the bathroom 🙂 for title of master poopie pants. She showed me it is possible for one person to consume tons of jam, carrots, candy, ice cream, sugar, and godis. Impressive sugar intake.

Wish you best of luck in the future wherever that may be and it was a pleasure and an experience living with you.

We will miss our little swedish family 😦

Here are some of our memories in Nadya’s own words, perfect 🙂

“be carefull this knife is toooooo sharp”
“yes please+”
“leave it just ruuuuuun” Michel Jackson’s movie journey
“it’s big and blue”
“ooops ooops ooopss it’s not turning aaaaaa”
“Chinese hoooleeeee”
“that what she said”
“don’t do stupid things”
“sassy pants”
“poopy pants”
“Oski pants”
Street Siggebo
2 great victories over Orebro
Team crazy dancing in the circle with song “Umbrella”
Bamby legs
Bocardi night with checking my pulse after
Trying to teach me how to dance using ass
My special vocabulary Crystal
Braiding party : “why is her hair so curly mine was not such+eee maybe because she kept this braids for a couple days not like someone”
Envy dog when her masters were in hugs
Super Mario evenings with sensei and master of this game
Papa’s kebab and super kebab pizza
“Linde Man” and his crew that were keeping us in matches
Successful trip from Orebro University to the bus station full of sings
Collection of bottles in our kitchen
That perfect night spent in Satin Club when we were dancing 3 hours in a row and it was not enough for only us who was in dance floor
Kilograms of goodies, oranges,, birthday cakes, popsicles of isecream, liters of drank CocaCola
Snow, woods, fire, mushmellows with melt chocolate and cracers Maria and Michel Fronti
Last night in Lindescolan Hall with special technigue of flips landing into ass and flip with surprise from Eryk))))
Last trip in Lindebus and Eryk’s rule while driving “if I’m not sleeping no one sleeps too”(poor Nirelle in this trip)
Everything this and a lot of other things made a huge mark in my life and I will remember this forever.
Thanks for all people with whom my ways were crossed this year
Thanks for keeping me in making a big step for adult life out of Ukraine

Special thanks for my little Swedish family in Siggebo   I already miss you +
And one day , in one place, in one time  our roads will definitely cross again+

With love UcrazyAN

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