I thought I’d share a funny incident that happened awhile back…

I consider myself a good mother to Pula. The thing you might not know is that she is people obsessed. If we leave her outside she will cry at people passing to get their attention. She will sit on the couch from our apt window looking out whining at every dog or person walking by.

Pula Aerial Stalking pedestrians

She will whine like she is dying just to get someone to look at or pet her. If we are in a window of a store and she is outside she will whine and bark because she sees us and gets excited. She is a bit of an attention whore.

That being said, we had quite the experience at the library with little attention whore Pula.

Nadya, Eryk, and I walked to the library before practice to print something off and brought Pula along because for once it was warm enough for her to walk that long and far without freezing her paws off. It was about -3C (California/warm climate people that was a warm day here so don’t judge) when it had been about -16C.  We tied her up outside the library on concrete. Right across from her in front of the pharmacy there was another dog tied up so she was whining to make a friend before we even left  her.

We were inside printing for about 8 minutes about to walk out when an old woman comes in hollering in Swedish. The librarian looks at us and asks if it’s our dog outside. We say yes.

old woman: what language to you speak?

eryk: The language we are talking in right now.

old woman: What language do you speak. Do you speak english?

eryk: yes!

old woman:you cannot leave your dog outside. it is illegal to leave your dog outside in sweden. it is too cold you can’t do that. you are horrible. What country do you come from?! You can’t do that in Sweden. You’re horrible. You’re horrible.

eryk nadya and crystal: WOW

Me: If its illegal then why are there dogs tied up outside of all the grocery stores and there was a dog tied up next to her??

Old woman: It’s illegal you can not do this.

We all walk out and get Pula, they supervise us to make sure we actually take her. She whines when she sees us through the glass doors and gets excited.  She is immediately excited and hops around so happy to see us. God we are so horrible.

The old woman walks away shaking her head saying you’re horrible again and again, gets in a car and shakes her head at us as we walk by with pula…so we wave and smile 😉

Basically Pula’s attention getting ways apparently makes us horrible. I guess I am a bad mother.

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