Celebrating Tiny Victories & Erikshjälpen

I have always been a believer in celebrating tiny victories. Finding some little special strange thing at a thrift store to me is a tiny victory. If you don’t appreciate and celebrate the little things that make you happy and instead wait for big things to bring you joy then I think you will end up waiting a long time to feel happiness.

So today I was happy. Waking up early. Great breakfast. Join a friend Jonas for an interesting meeting of business people at my first BNI meeting (explain later :). Walk all over sunny and snowy Lindesberg with Pula on a gorgeous day. Doing laundry and having fresh clean clothes. Walking to erikshjälpen with a great group of new friends. Finding small little treasures. Relaxing in a clean apartment on a sunny afternoon. A day full of tiny victories feels good.

Erikshjälpen Second Hand

Today was our second trip to Erikshjälpen. The entire time we have been here we have been trying to catch it when it’s open. They are apparently only open for shopping on Wednesday from 12-6 and Saturday from 10-4. The profits from the items donated go directly to charity. Saturday we went for the first time and I was blown away.The store was packed. There is a little cafe as well so you can have a total experience. I haven’t seen that many people in one place in Lindesberg outside a church service!! The closer we got the more people we came across carrying their personal treasure away. On top of my personal treasures I found special little Swedish presents for my Mom which I can’t share too much on because I would like to believe she reads my blog and I can’t give away the gift 🙂


Tiny Thrift Treasures

My treasures so far include

  • 2 great scarfs/headwraps/belts multipurpose multicolored fabrics.
  • Sami handmade souvenir
  • 2 necklaces, wooden and metal
  • 2 presents for my mom 🙂  🙂


  1. Even more interesting: Here we have one Californian in Lindesberg (5 thousand or so citizens) and one Swede (me) living in Germany, who happend to go to high school in that same little village.

    • That is quite a coincidence. The only thing that would be more interesting is if you were in CA. Lindesberg has been a precious beautiful town to live in. I really appreciated your blog, it’s nice to hear a Swedish perspective on things like the yearly book sale and women’s day. -C

  2. Yes, believe it. Momma reads the blog and proud of her little sweet pea too!! Can’t wait to see you and My Gifts!!

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