Curling Field Trip

Stones 20 kilos

Swedish class took us on a little cultural adventure. We learned some swedish favorites….curling and ice skating. First of all seeing a class full of international people walking through the streets of Sweden was quite a sight. In our class there are people from just about every continent. Most of them from warm warm desert places like Iraq, Thailand, Somalia, Iran, and Jordan just to name a few.

The Pro's
Us with The Pro's (Stig on the R)

Two old men showed us how it’s done and I am telling you, I was impressed. Nimble for their age they could really move on that ice and get lowwwwwwww. I have always wondered what the heck curling was all about.  Stig taught us most of the rules and showed us how to do it and helped correct us along the way. Stig is 70 next month and can still glide on the ice lower than I can. The whole class had the choice of participating or watching in the little cafe area that looks out on the curling field? court? What do you call a curling area? A few of us tried once or twice. Many many fell and we all had a good laugh. People slipping on ice is especially funny for some reason. We wore a slipper over one shoe to make gliding on the ice before you release “the stone” easier, it is on the leg that is bent. The front leg is bent and is for gliding and the back leg is your push off leg and then straightens out. We learned it is called ‘curling’ because when you release the stone you curl it by turning your hand to change the direction. Turning the handle with either an ‘out hand’ or and ‘in hand’. Everyone else went to try ice skating and Eryk, my friend Luka from class, and I stayed and kept curling with Stig. It was so fun. We kept getting better and better.

Eryk Curling
Eryk's Curling Form

We also got to ice skate, which I didn’t expect. I was impressed that a few people tried it out considering some of them have probably never seen snow before sweden let alone snow sports! Luka, Eryk, Rawand from Jordan, and our teacher Elisabet all skated for awhile. It was pretty uncomfortable for everyone except for Elisabet and Eryk. Eryk skated circles around me…literally. Kind of annoying when you are just trying not to break your face 🙂 It was really fun though. I ended up using the ice rink version of a walker to go faster by holding on and going as fast as I could.

Rowand and I skating
Ice skating with Rowand (from Jordan)

It was an awesome day and a great cultural experience for us and the entire class.

So much fun!!

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