Julmust & Påskmust

During Christmas all the Swedes got excited about a special cola that comes out only at that time of year.

Julmust out sells Coke in Sweden during Christmas and Coke sales drop 50%!!!!

It tasted alright to me, Eryk loved it.


Wikipedia tells me…

Must was created by Harry Roberts and his father Robert Roberts in 1910 as a non-alcoholic alternative to beer. The syrup is still made exclusively by Roberts AB in Örebro (which is the city right next to Lindesberg). The original recipe is said to be locked up in a safe with only one person knowing the full recipe.

Must is made of carbonated water, sugar, hop extract, malt extract, spices, caramel coulouring, citric acid, and preservaives. The hops and malt extracts give the must a somewhat beer-like taste, but much sweeter and, since it is not fermented, it contains no alcohol. It can be aged provided it is stored in a glass bottle. Some people buy must in December only to store it a year before drinking it.

Nothing says Christmas like a picture of Santa on your coke.


Eryk and I then noticed another seasonal cola in the store.


It is the Easter version of the Julmust, essentially the same thing (there is a sommermust as well).

Nothing says Easter like a little girl riding a giant cock.

Ummmm wait a minute…is that appropriate? I don’t think so. Its like the sexual undertones of the Little Mermaid. Subliminal message much?


Tempting Cock I mean Coke can’t wait to taste it!

One comment

  1. I guess it is a cheap way to sell the christmas must that wasn’t sold during xmas. Just sell it som months later under a different name! 😛

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