Swedish Family

When I was in Vietnam last summer at a beach resort in Mui Ne I happened to meet 2 Swedish men who proceeded to tell me about Sweden and what they had heard referred to as a “swedish family”. They had ran into some Germans who told them that when somebody has a really disfunctional and/or unconventional family they call it a Swedish family yet the actual Swedish guys had no idea what they were talking about, neither did I. I however have come to love the term and what I now refer to as our Swedish family.

Walking to our game in the Snow!!
Walking to our game in the Snow!!

With all this free time we have a lot of time together. Mostly its Siggebo Internet Club but we do switch it up with some eventful things here and there.

  • Ukriainain Borsh dinner nite
  • Taco nite
  • Super Mario madness
  • Pool hall swimming, sauna, diving, sliding, and snow rolling
  • Sledding
  • Dancing
  • Pancake making lessons…and eating them;)
  • Laughs
  • Papa’s Diner kebabrulle runs in -18C weather
  • Friendly and sometimes startling pranks 🙂

Here is the real Swedish Family 🙂

Swedish Royal Family
The Swedish Royal Family at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. From the left: Prince Carl Philip, Crown Princess Victoria, Queen Silvia, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Princess Madeleine.

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