Lindesberg Volley vs. Sollentuna VK (AKA USA vs. Canada)

WATCH LIVE Lindesberg Volley vs. Sollentuna:

Game Time: Sunday February 14th

Swedish Time: 2:30 pm

Eastern Time: 8:30 am

Pacific Time: 5:30 am

Sunday we goto Sollentuna outside of Stockholm to play. By beating Örebro and recieving 3 points for the win we moved up into 4th place, knocking Sollentuna into 5th. We also beat Sollentuna in the Swedish Cup in the fall but then lost to them at home. Quite a time the 2 of us have been having. Since we keep taking turns, I see this one as ours! Both teams have had some changes to their roster. Us getting Nirelle and them getting a new outside hitter. The last time we played I was still recovering from a bad ankle sprain and didn’t even play.

What will be an already exciting match-up will have some additional rivalry as well…

On a maritial note, Malin our libero and the Sollentuna Coach, Dave have been in a relationship for a few years now. That doesn’t change either of their intense competitiveness and desire to win. In the Swedish Cup on match point Dave yelled to his server “Serve 6!” Which in volleyball is the middle position in the back row…where Malin was passing ;). Love it.

On a more international note, Dave is Canadian. Having 3 Americans on our team as well as an Americanized coach this is partly a US vs. Canada match-up as well.

What will be very exciting for all our family and friends internationally (if you are a true fan to wake up or stay up late to watch-I challenge you) as well as Lindesberg Volley fans in Lindesberg is that there will be a webcast live of the game.

Go Linde! On the road to win 3 points!


  1. Let’s hear it for 3 points from player # 3!!!
    Smile brightly, Laugh Loudly and Jump towards the stars, you will win!
    luv & hugs

  2. I’m not sure about this cuz I didn’t hear it myself but the big man says he screamed 16, which is Nadyas nr.. Haha, I don’t know who to believe…

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