My Favorite Signs in Sweden

Learning what signs mean in a new country can be pretty important but also pretty entertaining.

I have been driving much much more than I anticipated here and knowing road signs is easy sometimes and hilarious at others.

Some of these signs I am still not sure what they mean but it doesn’t change that I love them.

Caution Boobs Ahead

Road bumps are 2 nipples away from breasts. Awesome.

Water Caution

I saw this one in Stockholm near the boat docks, I get it.

Suicidal cars and bad music makes you jump, right?

Bullwinkle Xing


Be on the lookout. After our little moose accident spotting I take these signs VERY seriously.

Especially when both sides of the road have moose tracks all over them in the snow.

But the moose to me definitely looks like Bullwinkle, I feel like it’s a happy moose crossing. Just trotting along having a good time, don’t ruin it for them people πŸ™‚


This has become one of my favorite words to say. If you know me you know why. It just sounds funny!!!


Utfart. As in the ball was utfart referee, use your eyes!

Really it’s an exit sign for a parking garage, building, etc.

Oh Signs πŸ™‚ Good placement!

Slut Spurt means Sale Stopping??? Hmmm not in English

Slut means stop. Slut Spurt was explained to me like a last sale for a store. Sale ending.

But Slut Spurt is just funny. Just a little spurt of sluts?

Sluts poppin’ up all over, beware! I thank the store for the heads up.

Neighborhood Classic, Cautioin Children Playing & Girls Riding Cats

This sign in in our neighborhood. I was curious how often I should be looking out for small girls riding cats?

Or is it look out for children playing with a half cat girl?

Either way they look like they’re having a great time!

crazy pants

If I knew what this sign was for I’d tell you, but I don’t. I am guessing something to do with roads merging.

To me it looks like a pair of happy pants doin’ a little dance.

I may have more favorites that I haven’t even seen yet but thats all for now πŸ™‚

Hope you like them as much as I do!!


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