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Language Comic

I came across this comic and it cracked me up. I find it very impressive that in Sweden they encourage and establish programs for immigrants to learn the language and adjust to become contributing members of society. It made me think of California. How we have so many non-english speaking illegal and legal immigrants who work hard and start lives and bring their families to our country for a better opportunity. What do we say to them? You are in our country speak our language. Yet we have no means to assist even those who are willing and eager to learn english and adapt culturally. We simply call them stupid and lazy for not speaking English.

As a foreigner now, I am grateful that Sweden views things differently. I am encouraged to learn the language and culture, provided with education free of charge. They provide me with the skills to better adapt and become a contributing member of society. Because like the comic said when you go to live somewhere you learn the language they speak there.



  1. I thought the same thing when I moved to Norway. They have the same types of programs and schools to help adults or kids transition into the society by teaching them the language and the culture. If only it was the same everywhere else…

  2. Crystal, I now know how I found that article here. You have that “possibly related posts” where you find links to other blogs. That’s where tim ferris appeared!

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