Pula, what language do you speak?

Pula Pula Pula.

Puppy Buddies

I was thinking the other day as I watched Nonna the gymnastics instructor at Lindeskolan, originally from Russia, pet and talk to Pula in Russain. I then started to add up all the languages she has been exposed to or spoken to in. I am starting to wonder how many she understands.

Now she has been exposed to English, Croatian, Finnish, Estonian, Russian, and of course now Swedish. I remember when we just got her and we would say a few words to her in Croatian like dobro (good) or di mi lopta (give me the ball) and my mom would say speak english she doesn’t understand that. Well…how do you know what she understands?

That made me wonder then and now still…

What language does a dog speak? Whatever language they grow up around? Is a dog born to understand one language or any language skills? Can dogs even understand language or is it the sounds they hear not words? Do dogs have their own language so no matter what country they are in they can talk to eachother?

If only she could talk and tell me all the answers herself…

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