New Year; reflect and look forward to 2010

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Well it is officially well  into 2010 so I have had some time to reflect on what 2009 brought me and what I look forward to in 2010 and what  I have never been good with specific resolutions so I just have some general goals I hope to accomplish and grow personally.

All things 2009

  • Pula came into my life, first dog of my very own
  • I moved to Sweden
  • Getting to play volleyball everyday for my job
  • I traveled to Vietnam, Croatia, Hungary, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and lots of CA
  • I helped my mom with our home remodel process
  • Cal Java coffee, people, experience
  • I met Michael Franti & Spearhead in Chico
  • Vietnam
  • Hash House Harriers
  • Learning Swedish

All things 2010

I will try to…

  • read a book a month at least
  • focus on a healthy diet and lifestyle
  • do yoga and or run at least 3 times a week
  • focus on things i have the power to change
  • blog more often
  • develop as a volleyball player
  • give more compliments
  • write more letters
  • worry less about things out of my control

I look forward to…

  • my childhood best friends wedding (first wedding of a friend that I will be in)
  • seeing my teammate/best friend/college room mate as a mother (first friend to have a baby)
  • a successfull volleyball season in Lindesberg
  • seeing another friend start her family in Chico with a baby and new home
  • family time in mammoth
  • visiting friends making memories sipping vino
  • relaxing in my moms pool or lower Bidwell on a hot chico afternoon
  • opportunity, adventure  and experiences to grow

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