Bad Hus

Swim Hall

Sore and tired inbetween games we decided it would be much needed and deserved to go to the swim hall. It’s a quick walk, like everything else in Lindesberg, so why not?!  You pay to get admission into the lap pool and diving pool, the play area and hot tub (in picture), and sauna. We mostly wanted to sauna and stretch as well as swim around to loosen up all the stiffness and tightness in our muscles. We ended up having waaaay too much fun.

Marcie and I had come here in the fall but hadn’t tried everything out. We tested everything this place had to offer. We timed ourselves down the slide, there is a sensor and timer on it so you know when someone is on or off the slide instead we used it to race. Eryk won. We checked out the lazy river around the hot tub which actually isn’t so lazy, you really shoot around that thing! We jumped off the diving board, some more graceful than others 🙂 Let’s just say I am not so good with trampolines or spring diving boards. Then we ventured for the high dive platform. We all went once while Marcie stood fixed to the platform “supervising” and eventually jumped. A little boy really showed us how it was done though, he got a running start and launched off. Awesome. Finally we got bold and did some dives off the high dive, which remember is about 10feet or 3meters. Eryk and Nirelle had to lead the way before I finally dove. We had some solid shreiks off that thing, it is waaaaaaay higher than it looks from the water looking up!!

I later found this youtube video of some kids dominating the high dive, they made us look weak.

Our finally  for the day was a long sauna followed by Eryk initiating us into the Finnish tradtion he learned of rollign in the snow after. We opened the door to -10 snowy ground and i hopped in and immediately saw the reluctancy in Marcie….so I took her down. We all rolled in the snow VERY quickly and scurried back inside to the lazy river. It was actually a great feeling, all my muscles were tingling and it was refreshing. We put the icing on the cake with a delicious cookie on our way home. Great Day.It was a pretty awesome ending to a great day with the Swedish Fam.


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