Lindesberg vs. Katrineholm

Lindesberg vs. Katrineholm

Wednesday our winning streak came to an end with a tough and close home loss to Katrineholm 2-3 ((17-25, 26-24, 25-18, 21-25, 11-15). We had a rough start in Game 1, everyone had moments of greatness but we needed to all be playing well at the same time. We came back very strong in games 2 and 3. Game 4 we really struggled to find our stride and couldn’t recover from the loss and dropped the 5th game as well. Nothing gels right away when you have a new setter so we are figuring things out. I feel good, although we lost we improve everyday. 

We really can’t sit and reflect anymore because our next match is right around the corner and all our focus is  now on Örebro. We beat them at home in the fall and it was a great game. I’m sure they would like to do the same to us tomorrow and have a bit of revenge. They are the closest team to us so I feel there is some natural rivalry. I am very excited and today we have one last very focused and positive practice before we put it all on the floor tomorrow.For anyone at home who feels like waking up and watching live statistics you can always follow our games at

We play at 2pm tomorrow which means 5am West Coast time or 8am East Coast time 😉 I dare you to wake up for one game 🙂

Go Linde! Defend home court!!!


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