RIP Bullwinkle

For I don’t know how long now Eryk has been saying “I want to see a moose!” Well guess what, you got your wish.

We practice in Orebro on Friday nights which means we leave Lindesberg at 5:30. By this time it’s already very very dark. We left our apartment a little late picking up coach at 535 instead of 530 then picking up the other girls at around 540. Then on our way out of town in the roundabout we bumped a a curb and as a hint  Eryk slowed down a bit. Oh, yeah Eryk has become somewhat of a team driver when it comes to practices and an occasional away game driver, thank god.

So as we turn onto the main road to Orebro we see some traffic but as we go a bit farther we realize that traffic is stopped and there is no way around. Snow on the right and a divider on the left. So we wait. There were about 5 cars ahead of us and some spun around. The police and ambulance arrive and we waited. When we finally got closer we look to the right and see many many moose tracks. Then a little closer and right next to the divider lies a large female, probably baby based on its size because while large it is still relatively small when it comes to moose. Then on our right we see all the cars turned and spun around, barely on the road and banged up.We slowed down and Eryk poked his head out to see Ms. Bullwinkle lying in a pool of blood on the road with a few men standing around her.

Then we realize, if we had been on time. If Barbara had been on time. If we hadn’t hit the curb. If we left Lindesberg just 5 minutes earlier that would’ve been all it took to put us in that group of cars. In front of those moose crossing the road. Sometimes the universe sends you little signs and rushing isn’t the best response. Slow down and take your time, it could be for a reason. Thank goodness we slowed down last friday night.  So Eryk got to see a moose but not exactly in the perfect circumstances.

RIP Ms. Bullwinkle

We were honored to see you.

You were majestic even in death.

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