So for those of you who grew up with me you know I was an active kid. Which meant no video games allowed in my house. Board games, walks, some computer games like Frogger, Pong, PacMan, Oregon Trail- YES. Video games-NO. I played occasionally while at friends houses but never enough to develop skill, video game hand eye coordination, or any skill sufficient enough to win ever really. These thigs are getting developed now and it is pretty fun, funny if you are playing with or watching me.
My mom surprised me with a Wii for Christmas. If you know Mama N you know I just about hit the floor getting this instead of socks or an empty box, love you mom ;). What I lacked in childhood I am making up for now. We have the general Wii sport games, which I too suck at, as well as the new Super Mario Bros. It is so much fun, sometimes extremely frustrating but that goes for all of our apartment, from where you will often hear cursing directed at what seems like nobody. Nadya, Eryk, and I have all put in our hours on that thing. They are definitely WAY  better than me and usually I am their source of humor with my lack of skill.

Mario Helicopter Hat
I have noticed though that I now think in terms of Mario after I play for awhile. Walking to Swedish class the other day up and down the slushy snow streets of Lindesberg  in the snow all I wanted was the little helicopter helmet so I could take a jump and just float along effortlessly to class instead of hauling myself. Why can’t some aspects of life have a lil’ video game magic to them huh?

I have been playing for awhile now and I still jump at the wrong times, dive down cliffs, and run into turtles mushrooms and any other deadly thing really. It is fun though. Maybe one day I will not have to continue lives (I have used about 60 now) or move my whole body in whatever direction I am trying to go and maybe just maybe I will beat the whole thing on my own.

Hey, a girl can dream can’t she?



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