I live in Narnia


I live in a winter wonderland.

One only comparable in my mind to the only other winter wonderland I have seen.

Fictional and magical yes but Narnia is the only place I can even compare to Sweden.


I am looking outside right now at snow whirling around my window and I am really not looking forward to walking to Swedish class through all of this. It is much more comfortable on my warm couch with coffee and a blanket.

Wintery Lindesberg


BUT I will walk and I will be exhausted when I get there. The snow on the ground right now is like slush and it feels like you are walking in deep sand. It’s difficult to push off and even take a step, then you add hills, RR tracks, curbs roundabouts etc and its like a snowy obstacle course.

Winter Lindesberg

I even have my own snow princess,  not ice like Narnia because she is too nice. Sara on our team from the north of Sweden who is everything you expect a snow princess to be.

So look at the proof. It is snowy and magical. A close second to Narnia but it is my personal Narnia.


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