Laundry Process

Dear washer and dryer,

AKA Mama Nola’s whirlpool magic. I would like to mourn the death of my easy convenient laundry days. I will miss your shiny white metal and the silent humming of you doing your work in the room next to me. You were at my disposal only a room away any hour of any day. NOW I would kill for one day in that laundry room with you.  You will be missed my friends, but your memory lives on with me now.

I acknowledge that it could be worse, I remember my laundry escapades in Croatia. Knocking on my neighbor’s door to use his washer then drying everything on the radiator. Hauling duffel bags across town to use my friends Denis and Jasmina’s washer and, wait for it wait for it……DRYER!!! Luxurious!!!! Another time my friend Vedran’s granny, Baka, did my laundry. Then there was the all time desperate low of taking advantage of having a bathtub and hand washing piles of clothes in it. So don’t get me wrong, I am glad to have a washer and a dryer at all but it is still a process!!

Step 1– Get bundled in warm clothes and shoes and walk across the path in negative freezing weather to the other building’s basement where I schedule a time (usually booked solid from 7am-10pm 2 weeks straight)

Step 2– Proceed to let all my clothes get dirty in that time up until our laundry slot.

Step 3– Cheat. I can’t wait 2 weeks to do laundry in our 5hour slot to do all 5 of our washing in so we go late night.

Step 4– Layer up in winter clothes and boots.

Step 5– Haul all my bags of filthy clothes, detergent, etc down 2 flights of stairs, across the snowy path to the other building, down to the basement, into the laundry room FINALLY

Step 6– guess at a laundry program in Swedish and hope its not the one that shrinks all your clothes

Step 7– repeat step 5’s journey in reverse while you wait 30-50 min for wash to be done (usually losing track of time making things take longer)

Step 8- repeat step 5 journey to transfer from wash to dry, and repeat step 6 until all clothes are clean.

During all of this just hope you remembered everything so you don’t have to make any extra trips upstairs or across the chilly walk outside. To ensure efficient and timely laundry an alarm is useful, especially late night when it has been easy to just fall asleep and assume all your clothes will be fine until morning.

So as I said before, I look back on the good ‘ole days of laundry indoors, at an arms reach, available without schedule or appt, and in my own language.

RIP easy laundry days. I will miss you. Tear.


  1. crystal! i didn’t know you blogged! love it sister. i feel your pain with dragging loads of laundry to the laundry mat where it’s in a language you can’t understand, haha. i’m just glad france isn’t as cold as sweden!

    • Chef C!

      I read your blog but I end up being hungry 🙂 It sounds like French chef life is wonderful and your dream, definitely warmer than here sometimes I’m sure (and better food). Glad someone can relate to the insane laundry adventures. I am getting better each time but I just miss having it in my own house 🙂 Keep cookin and good luck with your laundry situation haha!

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