Lindesberg vs. SvedaLa La La

Saturday was such a fun win. The driving all evening Friday, driving Saturday before our game, the whole stop go stop go stop go that makes our long roadtrips feel like 7days long before we actually get to play (or get home for that matter) is NOT fun. Getting treated to a delicious home cooked meal at Malin’s family’s house in Svedala was fun.  Then playing awesome for them to watch was worth it. So much fun.

We had a rocky start in the first game, making a lot of errors on our side and making them look like allstar servers with our mistakes. We got our act together but it was too late to win the first game. We came out the 2nd game and never looked back. We rocked it on the road!! Not a feeling we are used to but I think I could get reaaaaaal used to it.

Nirelle (Marcie’s sister who just arrived in January) and Josephine traded off and on setting. It was Nirelle’s first game to play in here so she was so excited to get things going with a win. I had worked a little extra in practice to connect with her as a hitter and it definitely paid off in the game. We had a really spread out offense which allowed Marcie, Nadya, and Maddis to have a much easier time hitting. They sometimes even had no block if not 1 up on them. That is absolutely unheard of for us. Usually they have 2 blockers sitting on them just waiting. Saturday was a little different. We spread out the offense which gave us pretty much any hitting option we wanted. Malin our Libero did some awesome passing and made our setter and hitters lives so much easier. Tessan came in with some killer digs to give us some momentum.

It was a real team effort and it was fun to play in. Some days you are feelin it as a team, working hard together, communicating, and WINNING on the road!! Hopefully this is a preview of the rest of our spring season-winning home or away with total domination. Go Linde, way to take care of business. I am proud.

SvedalaLindesberg   1 – 3  (25-23, 12-25, 21-25, 17-25)
Svedala 75 poäng på: Serve 8, Block 4, Anfall 37, Motst misstag 26
Lindesberg 98 poäng på: Serve 18, Block 9, Anfall 45, Motst misstag 33
Lag Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Totalt
Svedala 25 p    12 p    21 p    17 p    75 p
Lindesberg 23 p   25 p  25 p    25 p  98 p
Tid 25 min 18 min 26 min 21 min 90 min
Nr Lindesberg Poäng Serve Block Anfall 1 2 3 4
1 Marcie Hampton 19 2 1 16        
3 Crystal Marie Palmer 15 3 1 11        
16 Nadya Greseva 12 2 1 9        
14 Madeleine Eriksson 8 1 4 3        
9 Josephine Tegenfalk 5 4 0 1        
6 Sara Thörnberg 4 1 0 3        
1 Maurelle Ayashizu Hampton 3 2 1 0        
2 Nirelle Ayashimi Hampton 3 1 0 2        
16 Nadiia Greseva 3 2 1 0        
10 Therese Granlund 0 0 0 0        
8 Lisa Tannerfalk 0 0 0 0        
4 Malin Lindgren 0 0 0 0        

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