A New Beginning

It is the second half of  season now and a new beginning for us I believe. We finished the fall portion of season in 5th place and beat one of the top 4 teams in league and another in the Swedish Cup. We have proven ourselves to be worthy opponents and still have a long way to go before reaching our peak which is good, you never want to peak halfway through season but continually climb and peak when it matters most, play-offs.

Saturday we took one more step towards our goals for spring and the goal of winning all our home games. We played Elverket at home which for those of you at home had a lot of heated emotions behind it. For a quick background…We played them at their gym in the fall and lost 3-1. We played with out our libero Malin whose transfer papers didn’t go through yet. They however played with their outside hitter, who was a major player in their win, whose transfer papers hadn’t gone through either but the Swedish Volleyball Federation said they had.  A lot of miscommunication and lack of organization and proper handling of professional issues. We appealed their win since they played with what we viewed as an illegal player at the time while we did not play with our illegal player. This is a professional league and there are rules to handle international player transfers for a reason and they should be followed. We followed the process and paperwork with all of our players and so did every other team so it is only fair to challenge this game because it was incorrect to play with her.

Now the decision is being made to replay that game but Saturday was important to win and send a message. We did just that. A rough start in Game 1 but we gained momentum and powered through game 2 winning 25-12 and eventually winning the match 3-0. It was a good start the the 2nd half of season and always feels good to win at home in our gym with our fans. A good start to what I hope to be a great spring season! Go Linde!!

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