Operation PULA

Pula Ula
Christmas is here. Our whole little family together again in one place. Saturday began by driving to Stockholm in the snow, yay. We stopped halfway to raid IKEA’s  sale and scored a BILLY bookcase to help organize our life for only 195sek or 27$!! I love that place, in CA its a 100$ bookcase. WE also picked up my mom’s present to us on sale at an electronics store… A WII!!!!!!!!!

Anyways we boarded the boat in Stockholm at 8 and were on our way to Finland!! I was excited to get to see where Eryk spent so much time playing and living. The boat arrived in Turku port at 6am and we drove to Loimma about 45 min away. It was snowing and freezing in Finland as well, we were in snow for about 4 days now. We drove around the whole town and saw everything from the gym and the apartment to the store and the sauna hall. It was fun. We went to where Pula was staying and as soon as she saw us did squirrelies and kisses. Oh soooo good to see her!

We hung out at their house most of the afternoon. She was treated like a little princess by this family. Primo dining, a bed by the fireplace, table scraps, sleeping in their bed, kids to play with, the works! She’s a spoiled lil princess 🙂

We went on our way to catch the boat out of Turku that evening to arrive in Sweden the next morning. I think our cabin was right next to the engine on the way back because it was the loudest room I’ve ever been in!! Who knows what we were next to but a room below the car deck is definitely economy class….more like drunk boat party class meaning you’ll never be in your crappy room because you are too drunk at the boat disco :)!!!!

Monday morning was Pula’s first day in Sweden with us all together. We got to Lindesberg by 10am and unpacked our lives, Pula’s stuff, and our Christmas stuff. Home Sweet Home with our little family at last 🙂


  1. Oh Crytral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo happy that you have Pula back! I couldn’t stand to be away from Daisy that long…I would have definitely cried when I saw her! I’m so glad Eryk is there with you too. You need to post more pictures of princess Pula please!!
    Lots of love to you in Sweden!

    • I am so happy 🙂 Worth the wait and all the hassle of planes, vets, etc. I will update pics soon, I have been lazy with that. Hope Daisy and Ry are good. I have started watching It’s always sunny and thought of him, it is FUNNY!!! Love to your lil Chico family 🙂

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