Christmas in Sweden

On Christmas Eve we joined my strength and conditioning coach Johan, and his family for a bonfire by the lake. We drove out to where the road ends at the forest on the opposite side of the lake from town. Then we walked on the path that goes all around the lake till it met a fire pit with logs all around. The whole lake is frozen except where a stream runs into it. We were directly across from the big church in town where we sled down the hill. We started a fire and roasted hot dogs and drank Glogg (a spiced wine).

After we almost froze we headed back home. We were supposed to join them for their Christmas dinner but we fell alseep on accident and woke up at 7 pm! Instead we got dressed and went to the Midnight Christmas Eve service at the big church in Lindesberg, which happens to be Lutheran so I felt right at home. It was all the same songs, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Silent Night, etc. My favorite part about the service back home is the whole church lit by candlelight singing with the organ softly playing. Here the church is so old that there were huge chandeliers of candles hanging all around the church so the entire service was lit by candle, it was beautiful.

Eryk and I shared a quiet Christmas day together in the apartment. We did enjoy some live holiday  music in front of a hotel in town, some horns playing while it snowed outside and people walking by gathered to listen and dispersed when the music ended. We decided our Christmas begins when we have Pula with us 🙂 Nothing special just the two of us,  holiday movies, hanging out at the apartment, and talking with family on skype. It was relaxing and really feels like Christmas when you look outside your window and snow is falling all day long and the entire town looks like gingerbread houses with frosting rooftops.

Merry Christmas from Sweden!

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