Quarter of a Century

Saying it any way sounds so old to me.


Quarter of a Century.

5 years til 30.

Halfway to 50.

25 was never an age I ever thought or dreamt about becoming, actually I didn’t really think much past 21. I think from here on out birthdays become pretty boring and not much to talk about. I will try to think of something to make them fun every year but at this point I’m at a loss. I did however have an awesome birthday…correction birthdaySSS. We celebrated Friday night and then hit the road on my actual bday for an away game. I was offered a sip of whiskey by a bum at the train station and at that point I knew it would be a good bday. Eryk came with us on our road trip so I got to spend it with him which was amazing. We celebrated big time on monday again and Marcie and Nadya even made a cake with a ginormous 25 on it. The team came over and we all hung out for a while.

Great celebrations to soften the blow of the big number and a birthday to remember šŸ™‚

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