Night in Sweden

It may sound strange but night here is darker. I understand that may not even be scientifically true but it feels like it. It starts getting dark at 3pm making 4 feel like 7 and 10pm feel like 2am. I was warned. I am adjusted now I think, but it still shocks me how dark it really is.

On fridays we practice in Örebro. This means a 35 minute drive. Highways etc. are different here, one lane with a center divide and passing areas and stretches of illuminated sections but mostly just black road stretching into darkness ahead. Some places a divide line or shoulder line is hard to notice and rarely reflective. Mostly you can only see as far ahead as your headlights allow you. I feel like when you look ahead you could be driving into anything. It’s like a tunnel of darkness, just a sheet of black. Usually you can distinguish the outline of the trees along the night sky and maybe some stars or the moon provide light and shadows.

There is nothing but darkness, undefined where the sky meets earth.

No separation. No horizon.

Just intense darkness. Night is pretty intense.

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