TEaliOooooo and a Swedish Adventure

Having Teal and Eryk here was a true blessing. It is Thanksgiving with out the food and Christmas with out the decorations. They arrived on Friday and it has been 7 days from heaven. Of course Teal brought the CA sunshine with her. Saturday was glorious sun and blue skies, which I haven’t seen in literally 3 weeks. It was a perfect day to explore Lindesberg. We walked all over town, by the lake, did pretty much everything to do in Lindesberg :). Then we made dinner and had a night at home….Teal couldn’t believe it was only 330 when it was getting dark and got a little stir crazy πŸ™‚ She was like “this is all you do?!” Hahaha. At least Eryk knows what the darkness here is like, here she can finally sleep in because it seems early when you sleep til noon and it’s still looking like 5am outside. Trickery.

Lindesberg Lake

After our game in Orebro we explored the town a bit in the rainy drizzle that is November here. Because we have been going non stop with 4 games and 15days straight of volleyball and winning 3 of 4, we have 2 days off πŸ™‚ So that meant Stockholm for us πŸ™‚ YAY road trip!!


We spent the night at Malin’s as usual, I love her little apartment and comfy couch, after driving all dreary afternoon. We wandered around Sollentuna a bit and planned our day. We then spent literally the whole next day in Stockholm exploring and seeing sights. It wasn’t ideal weather but it was great to see everything and explore.

Exploring Gamla Stan, Stockholm
Absolut Ice Bar, Stockholm
Storkyrka entrance, Stockholm

We wandered around and found our way to most of the big spots. The Palace, City Hall, Gamla Stan area which is pretty much an island and a central area, and the Absolut Ice Bar. We found churches, hidden cafe’s, shops, many bridges, bars, chinese food, the ice bar. We wandered through narrow streets and hidden alleys framed by colorful buildings that seemed to create light in such dark winter weather. It was a perfect day and I wouldn’t have chosen to spend it with anyone else.

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