Fantastic Friday

What could be better than ending your official week with your boyfriend arriving to start the day and your friend arriving to end it? Any other circumstance it might not be but this particular friday night I feel right at home. All the way across the world a reunion will bring home to me, California comes to Sweden. Eryk arrived early in the morning on the party boat from Finland to Sweden. My teammates Marcie and Nadya drove with me and we all stayed with Malin and Dave again in Sollentuna on our favorite couch.


Lindesberg Lake, I'm sure that is not its real name



We all hung out, had lunch together, and headed back to Lindesberg to practice. I thought we would meet my friend Teal at my practice but she never appeared. Then Eryk and I went home, confused about Teal’s whereabouts. Strangely not worried. I trust that she will find her way, she is on an expedition and is independent and smart enough to find her way to me. Sure enough I get a phone call around  1230am from a random number, she found her way. A looooonnnnngg day of trains and a bus and now a friendly taxi driver assisted her in finding us. Now the real fun begins. Three amigos in Sweden. I couldn’t be happier.


teeny tiny doorway, Lindesberg



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