The weekend felt like a week. We had to travel to Somero, Finland to compete in our pool of the Nordic Championships which are taking place all over Scandinavia. The boat to Turku from Stockholm was not a restful trip. All night trying to sleep listening to people getting rowdy drunk. Then drive to Somero to play early in the morning. But who can be mad when you are greeted by your love and your puppy love??? I expected to see Eryk but didn’t know when. Luckily I have the best boyfriend ever and he was at our hotel, correction our senior care facility that we rented rooms from, before we were and him and Pula were already walking around. We drove around town, walked by a freezing lake, played with Pula, they watched us practice, played some pool (Eryk even made friends with a resident at the center playing pool with him), ate lunch, and spent some wonderful time together. It was cool for him to meet all the people in my life in Sweden my managers, coaches, teammates, trainer, etc. I was so grateful for the opportunity. Though delirious from travel, exhaustion, and love we still had to play Friday against the host team Somero. It was a great game and I think we saw even more our potential but we still fell short losing the match (2-3) and each game was close as well.

Somero, Finland

We have not had to play back to back matches like that but Saturday was a new day. Practice and a game. A Danish team. We struggled to pull things together and never caught our footing like we should’ve. A totally different and exhausted team from Friday night’s game. We fell short again and left immediately for the boat back home. Halloween too so it was an interesting crowd. We had a really nice team dinner and some bonding time followed by some more fun and bonding. It was the first time I really felt like we hung out together. We are still getting to know each other and getting closer off the court can only help us get closer on the court. It was a blast.

The only thing the weekend lacked was quality rest which is why I spent from 10am till 8pm sunday and 12am to 9am monday sleeping :0 and it was glorious sleep in my own apartment in my own bed. Home sweet home. Back to the Eliteseries and Sweden where the wins matter and we gotta get back to business fast because we play at home this Saturday.


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