Ups and Downs

This weekend had its ups and downs in a lot of ways. Some good and some bad on and off the court.

The weather is already a big down, we haven’t seen sun or blue sky in over a week. Boo!

A down – waking up early for practice feeling like you are sleep-jumping around.

Tacos are ON!
Taco's ON!
Swedish Malin style Taco
Swedish "malin style" Tacos

An Up- Sunday our game was near Stockholm so Marcie and I went a day early to stay with our teammate Malin and her boyfriend Dave. We headed out of Lindesberg right after our lovely morning practice.  They treated us so good we didn’t want to leave! Saturday was food day, a huge UP. We ate some delicious Sushi and Chicken Curry for lunch  and walked around a huge mall in Sollentuna. Then for dinner they made us a unique twist on Tex-Mex and it was much better than I imagined. At first the idea of mixing fruits with tacos sounded bizarre. But when you think about it I love them both so maybe its ingenious! And it was. A mix of meat, peppers, pineapple, cucumbers, apple, salsa, avocado, onion, tomato, guacamole, and cheeses on a warm tortilla. So yummy and sweet all at the same time. Then for dessert we made a berry cobbler sort of with some vanilla cream on top and coffee which we added more vanilla cream to :). Perfecto. We ate better in one day than we had for a week. Delish. Another big UP playing yahtzee and watching the newest episode of The Office!! YAY and it was a good one indeed, now I feel in tune with society.

berry delicious dessert
Berry Good
Hangin' around is the best when you are full of good food!
Nothin' beats hanging our when you're stuffed
Wall Art-Chalkboard Paint is brillinat
Wall Art- chalkboard paint=brilliant




An Up – We fell back for one hour of extra sleep on Malins comfy Ikea couch in her Ikea showroom living room.









A Down – We didn’t get to take away our delicious leftovers from our team lunch, Pesto Pasta pine nuts and all!

An Up – We got to eat Pesto Pasta pine nuts and all 🙂

A Down – The rest of Sunday. We did not bring our A game or any part of our game really. Elverket brought in all the altillary they had. Old national team players, new players, everything. We had so many areas to improve and it was apparent that we were more conditioned but it didn’t help when we couldn’t put our talent together to win more than one game. We lost 3-1. I did learn that with age comes wisdom, these women made smart moves with every touch of the ball.

An Up – It is early in the season and we are still a developing team that has nowhere to go but up. It’s a long season and we are only 2 games in so I look forward to getting back in the gym and being the team we have the potential to be.


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