Awesomely Bad, TV

You know what is truly lovely? Sitting on the couch in a blanket with coffee, a laptop, and the tv on. Yes I said TV! Entertain me!!! Now when I wait for my dial up speed USB internet to load a page I can sip on my coffee watching Swedish Idol entertained in the meantime. Let me tell you, Awesomely Bad. anyone remember the VH1 show? This is a winner folks, google, YouTube, do what you have to do to see this. We caught the Michael Jackson Tribute week of performances, it was horrifyingly entertaining and definitely abusing MJ’s music. Bad outfits, bad vocals, bad back-up dancers, and really really bad choreographers. So bad however it becomes soooo good. I can’t believe I am going to admit this, I stayed in my apartment from Saturday night after our game until Monday at 5 for practice….watching TV majority of the time. It’s like when you have that friend when you are a kid whose parents never let them eat candy, have sugary cereals, or  have cable. So then when they’re at your house all they want to do is whatever they’re deprived of. Well that kid is me right now. I just soaked up some quality TV and I do not feel guilty my friends. In fact I feel wonderfully rested and look forward to my next chance to watch the beautiful tragedy that is Swedish Idol.

I will leave you with thrilling clips…..

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