So why is it when all you want is some sleep someone calls you and wakes you up? Or you forgot to turn your alarm off. OR even better, you live in a concrete apartment complex and they install broadband by drilling into the walls for 2 days straight all day beginning at 9am (and still not done). Then when you walk out into the hallway it just reeks like sweat, EEW. Then the internet doesn’t work right but you don’t have a tv to watch and you would read but there isn’t enough light in the apartment. Taking hours to load youtube clips is not normal for any internet. Then this then that then this then that then this………..grrr a rough start to the week!

It was even a rough practice on my body yesterday. A lot of defense which we needed and it feels good to do some reps, not saying it was pretty by any means, but I feel like I slammed my body into a wall repeatedly. Actually, it was the floor and I did. Feelin’ the lower body today! Especially walking uphill home, and up the stairs, lovely. It is gotta be a good tough consistent week of practice though. Our first game is Saturday here and we have to gel together fast, I see it in glimpses and those small glimpses are exciting and promising.We had a friendly game last Friday and it was somewhere to start off. Considering we had only 2 real practices and only one with our true team. What’s even more exciting is knowing we have so far to go because we are not as good as we can be right now, and there is nowhere to go but up. It just makes me that much more excited because the best part about being on a team is watching it grow and develop and climb to reach the true potential.

I feel it, and it feels good. I feel I am in the right place doing what I love and the rest will come.

Grr for now but Grrrreat is around the corner…

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