Stockholmmmmmmmm Road Trip? Yes Please!

Jo, Malin, Me, Marcie

Well at the lovely suggestion of our Coach Barbara we took advantage of our one weekend off for a while it looks like. Stockholm baby. Marcie and our setter Josephine/Jossan/Jo/ or YoYO took off in our team Lindesberg Volley van. I was the captain of the ship. Driving took about 3 hours. We stayed with our Libero Malin who lives just outside of Stockholm in Sollentuna with her Canadian volleyball playing boyfriend in their adorable apartment.

We decompressed and ate candy while we decided our plan of action. It was decided to watch the game in Stockholm. The game being Denmark vs Sweden futbol obviously. Big Game! Apparently though it was a good outcome if they won because they’d qualify for the European Championships and good if they lost because the coach who is widely disliked would resign. The coach resigned. We packed ourselves into ¬†restaurant to watch along with what felt like every person in Stockholm. Busy nite to go out. We then wandered along the cobblestone to a night club Malibu which Malin’s former classmate owned. The city is so beautiful, I can imagine it’s gorgeous in summer or during the day. There is just something I love about cities with such architecture when they are lit up at night. It’s like magical movie lighting. All the restaurants and shops lit up and the street lights have this glow to them that makes everything seem so alive. We proceeded to dance the night away. Some good owe80’s tunes never hurt anyone on a Saturday night!! Great times, I personally left my mark in Stockholm and for those of you who have ever drank too much with me, you can imagine…

We hung out at Malin’s while it rained most of the day Sunday, not exactly sightseeing weather. Ordered pizza and watched Swedish Idol and Desperate Housewives before we finally gathered ourselves to make the trek back to Linde, in the rain. It was a lovely drive. My co-pilots were sleeping soundly in the back seat. Now I know how my mom felt on family vacation. So boring! It was a long rainy stormy drive back but I remembered the way even in the rain and dark. I impress myself directionally. It was quite a lovely thing to have the feeling of finally being home. To call Lindesberg home. To arrive and be excited to open your door and be greeted by Nadya’s accent then crawl into my own bed.

A good feeling. A good weekend. A good trip. Now the work begins…

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