OH Rose Nylund

So I don’t know how many of you love Golden Girls but you might remember that Rose is Swedish from St. Olaf. I was reminded of such things the other day when Marcie was wearing a shirt that had all of the Golden Girls on it and of course the shirt was….gold. Well turns out Rose is pretty right with her random Swedish words etc that sound completely bogus. Our street name for example is about half the alphabet and doesn’t even fit on the road sign!!!! Siggebohyttevagen and they abbreviate it to Siggebohyttev. on the sign and even at the housing office! Why give a street a name that doesn’t even fit on the sign??!!

I do love their recycle style. We have 4 garbage cans.

1-brown recycled “kompost”, food leftovers, tea bags, coffee grounds and recycled paper filter, etc.

2- plastics

3-papers and cardboards

4-anything you are unsure about

Then outside our apartment complex there are little garbage houses where you place the separate garbages. Very organized and everybody does it. We are learning but some things we have to get a general opinion about before we choose a bag to put it in. For those of you who don’t know, I love to recycle. I forced our family to start when I was little. I had nightmares about dumps filling up as a kid. In Tennessee where nobody recycled our dining room became a sorting area for recycle materials until we had enough to fill Nani’s Bug up and go sort it out at the recycle center. We were so hard core we even did it in the absolute pouring down rain one time. It’s not just the recycling I appreciate its the using your bags at the grocery store. It’s the thought of instead of buying another glass jar of jam buy a tube of jam and squeeze it into the jar you already have so you really buy a refill and do not use more material than you need. It is thought that goes into even the brown paper recycled coffee filters. It is a different mindset that I think many cultures could benefit from. Definitely not for the lazy but once you adjust its not bad.

Garbage and Recycle sorting Houses inbetween our complex
Garbage and Recycle sorting Houses inbetween our complex

I also loved that we were taught that when you checkout at the grocery store you must face all the barcodes so that the grocery clerk, who is already sitting down in a chair doing their job,  can simply grab the item and move it across the scanner. As if having them have to look for the barcode would be WAY too demanding for them. New grocery habit, face all barcodes away from checker. Weird yet another thing I love so far 🙂

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