Team Weekend

Coach Barbara, Oskar, Sara T., Lisa, Nadya
Coach Barbara, Oskar, Sara T., Lisa, Nadya

This weekend was our bonding time. We have our whole team for the fall portion of season. Marcie’s sister will join us in January though. This was the first time the entire team was together. Barbara had lots of fun stuff planned for us.

Saturday we arrived to our team clubhouse at 6. The clubhouse is like a secret fort for our team only is what it feels like, something out of Hardy Boys or Babysitters Club. It’s behind the building of a store around back and downstairs. There are apartments above in this building. It was a pub in the 70’s and 80’s but was acquired by our club since then. We were all bundled up warm and then had to take our shoes off indoors. Our teammates came prepared with soft socks and slippers but Marcie and I were dying with our socks off on the cold tile floor with minimal heating. I expected shoes off indoors in houses and apartments but didn’t see the clubhouse shoes off rule coming at all. Note to self-BRING WARM SOCKS!!!

A few of the girls prepared our dinner and while it cooked we played games and got to meet everyone we hadn’t yet. She prepared a team bingo where we had to learn random fun facts about everyone and figure out who’s fact belonged to who then she broke us up into teams to complete a quiz for points. Then we ate our delicious meal-fresh salad  with peppers cucumbers tomato lettuce with corn, rice, and a marinated baked chicken in sauce. MMMmmmmmm. Then we let the team tell us about what last season was like and we discussed where we see the team, our goals, and ideally where we will end up in April, #1 is the goal as it should be. Then we had a delicious brownie with fresh fruit whip cream and vanilla ice cream, yum again. We have lots of goals to work for first to keep us on track and I left the dinner feeling very motivated and excited to get season going!!!

MMMmm Desert
MMMmm Desert

Sunday we met back with our assigned groups. I was with Maddis and Tessan. We were assigned a task sheet like a scavenger hunt of things we must complete before meeting up again at the clubhouse at 3pm. We must perform a Hungarian song or poem, compile a CD of songs that we think Barbara will like best, and find a red Ford Mustang, a Opel Zafira, and a VW Bug and take a photo of us inside the car. We will get points and the winning team will get an award.

the winning team
the winning team-Millis, Sara F, Jossan, Marcie
Coach Barbara, Oskar, Sara T., Lisa, Nadya
Coach Barbara, Oskar, Sara T., Lisa, Nadya

We spent most of the day finding a song and practicing but it didn’t matter because our Hungarian was so bad you couldn’t recognize any of it. We made a good CD for road trips to keep her awake driving. We had the most fun driving around looking for cars or calling the owners to ask to take a picture in their car for a competition. We got photos of every red ford mustang in town and inside of 2 of them. We couldn’t find the Opel anywhere and we found a light blue old Bug. Classic cars are very popular and Barbara’s son is obsessed with cars so now he’ll have many pretty car pictures to see. What other 21month year old do you know who can identify car models and colors??!! Exactly. None.

Inside a Classic red Ford Mustang
Inside a Classic red Ford Mustang-Tessan, Maddis, Me

All of the performances were funny to see all of us were pretty bad but we tried our best. We were in 1st place until the performance, pretty bad….we got 2nd place. But it was a lot of fun and now we have the rest of the evening to relax and watch office episodes on the computer (tv comes tomorrow along with our curtains and hopefully internet for me!!)

Tomorrow is a busy day of paperwork and our first practice in the evening, very exciting!!

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