bluenose baby girls

So I took a break from Skype to let Pula do her thing on the lawn. We were standing on a corner of my block and she spots two dogs walking a block away. She was intent on them, standing focused and alert. As they got closer and closer I realized one of the dogs was a pit bull. Then I noticed Pula and this dog look similar in color. Then they get across the street and the dog stopped and froze staring back at Pula just as intensely as she was staring. Then the owner saw Pula and they walked over. Side by side they looked virtually identical. The only difference was the other dog had white mittens on all four paws, just 2 claws, and a small white dash on her nose. We started talking, they’re both bluenose 6 months old girls, both from Chico, both very sweet disposition. Then we asked when we got them, May 25 and May 28. Then where? Chico? Where Fairgrounds for me, 8th street for him. Wellllllll the people we got Pula from lived on 8th street too. And I remember twin girls in Pula’s litter who had all the same markings and his pup, BabyGirl, looks like one of them.

We realized they are definitely sisters from the same litter. Turns out they go to the same vet too! Today when we went in they knew exactly which dog I was talking about and said they are both such sweet dogs. They live about a block away and he said he’s seen me walking her around the neighborhood and did a double take wondering if I had his dog they look that much alike. He also said that when he walks around my house the neighbors look at him weird, now he realizes they probably thought someone stole Pula. When we walk the neighbors love her, the mailman says hi to her everyday, the cats don’t want her too close, and the squirrels tease her.  Now she can have a family play date with her sister. They were so cute loving each other, giving kisses,  playing. It was so hard to get them away from each other but I’m glad they got to meet. Little Cuties Pula, my babygirl, and her sister BabyGirl. Family reunion on 4th Ave 🙂

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