Something Always Works Out

In general I do worry about things. Usually things I can’t control. I don’t know why I freak out or worry because from my experience things just work out for me. Today is another example. I woke up not having to work when I thought I would, disappointed to not have some extra cash but relieved to have my morning to myself. Not long after I wake up, I get a call. Would I like to do some afternoon dog sitting. Umm yes please. Now the morning money turns into evening money. See this isn’t any dog sitting. Its for great people who I like helping out anyways and whenever I am done house/dog sitting I always feel like I should pay them for my relaxing stay. Tonight was no exception. 

I arrive to a printed note, a pleasant greeting even when they aren’t home. The note mentions Thanksgiving Dinner in the fridge. YES!!! So the dogs eat AND I eat. In the fridge is a perfect portion of turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Now this might be my only Thanksgiving this year so I savored the flavor! Then after little Gracie refused to walk any further than the driveway, Peja and I left her and continued on a long peaceful walk. The entire time music was drifting from a house on a hill above, it was a gorgeously talented pianist. The sun was setting and the few clouds in the sky were hovering and holding the light of the vanishing sun. As we made our way back a deer was standing on the golf green. I took a few more steps and with each one I felt like the deer were multiplying. They didn’t know what to make of me and chose to freeze in their tracks, ears erect and alert bodies still as stone. As I passed by they seemed to look right at me and all at once they went in the opposite direction, all five of them it turns out. Still strolling to the sounds of a faint live piano, we made our way back to the house with the sun setting on our backs. I couldn’t ask for a more relaxing evening, and I can’t believe I got paid to do it. 

Sometimes things don’t work out because something better is coming along. Sometimes we don’t even know what that better thing could be until its right in front of us. Most of the time it doesn’t make sense, and we cant comprehend what we need until we are presented with it. But life a lot of times is out of our control and you have to accept that which you can’t control and instead focus on what you can. I’m not saying I am good at it, I’m just saying something always seems to work out in the end. Tonight I gave thanks for that.

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