CP squared

In case you didn’t know I have a best friend. That best friend might share the same initials as me so whenever we are together it becomes CP^2 (unless her mom is with us then its CP^3).Elk Elk

Rare in frequency, but always cherished, are our reunions these days. A day here, a few days there. Busy lives across the country or across seas, oceans, continents, mountains, and countries make me really appreciate every minute we get to spend together. It is especially memorable getting to spend time her grandparents ranch in Boonville, a place where we have shared memories for years.

Being there brings me back to a time when we never imagined we’d have to go a day without seeing eachother. Times when we could play, have mud fights, camp in the rain, chase sheep, climb trees, get lost on hikes, swim in the pond, catch pollywogs, pick apples, make wine, and be together doing whatever. Times when work, responsibility, and time limits were never issues. It’s such a peaceful place to reflect and be grateful for times we shared when we were more free and the time we now recognize as precious.

Growing older is an adventure but it is much better with a best friend who has known you when you were in the beginning stages, a friend who you transformed and grew together into women together. I am proud of who she is and all she has done and will do.

Though we may be far apart she is never far from my thoughts and forever close to my heart.


ETSU Graduation
Phoenix Hiking

I love you CP.

Even if you are going to be CZ we will always be CP Squared!

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