pula + apollo

Puppy Buddies
Puppy Buddies

As if one puppy wasn’t cute enough, we got to put 2 together and let em play all day. It was odd to begin with that my sister and I don’t talk that much yet we ended up getting a puppy around the same time. Not just a puppy but an American Pit Bull Terrier. Then to top it all of they are virtually the same color blue with white only on their chest. It was nice for them to wear each other out the whole trip. They were quite entertaining and a cute lil pair of twins. Walking them side by side everyone assumed they were from the same litter and stared at us in disbelief when we told them otherwise.
Pups living on the edge
Pups living on the edge

They played non-stop practically. When one was done the other wanted rest and at any given time someone was ready to play! They rode a gondola up to a mountain top, hiked around, played with other dogs, swam in Horseshoe Lake, played together, walked on snow, went for walks, and had way too much fun. So much fun they finally managed to lay down next to each other and catch a little nap. Such cuties!!
Snuggle Time
Snuggle Time

Pula and Apollo, new puppy friends 🙂

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