Last weekend Eryk and I took a trip up to Sebastopol to do the annual applesauce making with his Mom and Grandma. Made with what Eryk considers the finest apple variety- the Gravenstein! It’s native to Denmark and grows in places like New Zealand, Austria, Canada, and most importantly Sonoma County and Sebastopol!! We chose the perfect weekend to do it because it was the Gravenstein Apple Festival. Before we even got started on the sauce we tried some local homemade goods; an apple fritter, apple blueberry with pecan topped pie, and of course all american apple pie.

I was honored to join in on the process and ritual. It was hard work but worth it in the end. We arrived to baskets full of apples. I felt like the baskets of apples were multiplying as we were peeling them. My hands were soooo sore after only a little peeling. I felt like my hand was never going to come out of the shape of that paring knife. It was like the pan of peeled sliced apples were disappearing and the unpeeled ones were replenishing themselves. I took a break to learn how to put the sauce in the jar and seal it, quite a scientific process. His Grandma taught me how to peel, slice, cook, mash, season it to my taste, and can applesauce. Eryk and I downed half a pint of cinnamon and half a pint of plain yesterday of the fruits of our labor, it was definitely worth all the hard work!!

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