wild bodega bay

bodega birds

It has become tradition to drive to Bodega Bay post family annual cookout. This was the 3rd drive out and it was darker than usual. The past 2 times I have seen sunsets, birds floating in the winds almost hovering above rocks, waves crashing, sand, rocks, starfish, fishermen, etc. This time all I could see was fog in front of the car … until the road curved and there stood a young buck just sprouting some antlers. Frozen in our lights just off the road he stood majestically for a moment before bounding over a hill out of sight.

The overlook was completely fogged in and it felt so amazing to let the moisture in the fog and spray off the water dampen my face. It was refreshingly cool. The drive down came quick as cool turned cold! Back down the winding road and another turn greeted us wildly as an owl flashed out from the hill with its fresh catch. White wings outstretched above us talons full of flesh it was wild. Another turn greeted us with a raccoon crouching in the grass with his glassy eyes glowing from the headlights.

Just when I thought the nature show was over I see a blur in the fog ahead. A doe was leading her two fawns across the road, catching a drink at the ocean and heading back to the cover of the grass no doubt.
The last wild thing I almost missed a glimpse of in the darkness was a little skunk making his way down to the water right off the road.

So catch a view-Bodega in the day and the wild things-Bodega by night.

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