mui ne

I love a good beach. Due to hash I met some cool people who also like to escape the city and explore…and relax in luxury for $30 a night on the beach. Julia (St. Louis Missouri) and Emily (France) work for a publishing company in Saigon with Ariel (a girl we met at hash).

Dinner at Jibes-Jessica, Julia, Emily, Me
Dinner at Jibes-Jessica, Julia, Emily, Me

They happened to be going that weekend and gave us all the info we needed since they go frequently. All it took was a bus directly to my hotel and the glory began.
Sunrise Resort
Sunrise Resort, view from my room

A pool surrounded by palm trees facing the beach with huts and lounge chairs provided with drinks on demand so you wouldn’t have to miss a minute in the sun. The Sunrise Resort was amazing. Breakfast of fried eggs and sausage with a baguette cafe su da and banana juice or watermelon juice. We got offered a fruit plate by a man and his girlfriend, Clifton and Joy, because they simply couldn’t eat it all. Turns out his review on tripadvisor is the one that I read over before coming. Even more odd is that Clifton is from Cotatai, CA and his brother lives in Chico. It is everywhere again!!

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