exploring district 1

Sunday we took a nice air conditioned bus downtown and walked around District 1. The bus was a good way to sit and look at everything. All the shops are just open to the street-no doors just street then shop. It was a lot nicer downtown. Big air conditioned malls. Gardens and big roundabouts, fountains, luxury hotels-city stuff. Traffic is non-stop everywhere and we decided that crossing the street is like a game of Frogger. Just go and work it out as you go in between all the trucks cars bikes and motorbikes. We found a market and the Peoples Republic Building/City Hall. We had some frozen yogurt at Tutti Frutti and it was delish, my weakness-coffee & and yogurt. It was kinda like pinkberry in LA.

People's Republic/City Hall
People's Republic/City Hall

Everyone does everything while on motorbikes.
I have seen bobbing and weaving through traffic:
-nose picking
-holding children
-talking on cell phone
-carrying anything and everything balanced carefully and perfectly

The neighborhood is cool. Everyone comes out after its dark, cooler. Kids playing in the streets, people walking around, tending their gardens. There are people riding around on bikes selling stuff-cakes, bananas, CDs, drinks, etc. Some of them have speakers playing music or announcements for what they are selling. Across the street they own a huge industrial sewing shop we watched a little bit. Around the corner there are lots and lots of dogs guarding his trucks and property. Some cute, some just scary!!

We went out in our first monsoon weather last nite. I wore my poncho đŸ™‚ Thanks to Amelia I brought one. We ate Pho again, getting to be a daily meal. Then we went to Cafe Blue and ate ice cream. It was such a nice cafe it could’ve been a night club. Two stories huge glass windows-it felt like we were in a rainforest. There was a huge fish tank full of fish too. Lots of people watching and when that got old there was a terrible Christian Bale movie on, seriously horrible movie-definitely not a US movie. It was a good night though.

We practiced again this morning. The coach sits on the sidelines during practice smoking. I thought I was in Croatia again. The smoke in the air at cafe’s aren’t half as bad though. Some army guys watched a bit of our practice. Thru the backdoor of the gym there were cows grazing. I was sweating sooooo bad. We ate more pho for lunch mmmm:). We are meeting with the english school teacher at her school tonight to work out a teaching schedule, maybe 3 days a week. We have only been here a few days and it has been non stop! Its been fun, can’t wait for more!!



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