good morning vietnam!!!

Tuong's House
Tuong\’s House

Day one was full and fun!! We landed-by we I mean the other american girl Jessica our planes met in Tapei, Taiwan. She played club for Tuong in LA when she was younger. Took a taxi though traffic, which was wild with all the bikes and narrow streets. The taxi got a flat tire and we switched taxi’s on the side of the rode. We lugged our stuff up to the 3rd floor, phew! Had Pho for lunch, I slept through all the meal on the plane-only like 16 hours of sleep!! Much needed I guess! The cafe we ate at is right around the corner from the house we are staying at and it is the internet coffee shop I am at now.

1st Motorbike Ride
1st Motorbike Ride
Traffic Sneaky Shot
Traffic Sneaky Shot

We changed and rode bikes into the city a little bit to practice and get moving. The bike ride was awesome. It was just bobbing and weaving thru a maze of all types of bikes carrying all sorts of things. Bicycles, motor bikes, cars, & trucks. I loved stopping at stop lights and looking at peoples feet pushing off in everything from flip flops, bare feet, slip ons, to high heels. It was so cool. Everyone was wearing the most fashionable of face masks for breathing. They were colorful, had little cartoons on them, pictures, anything to look stylish. The gym was getting remodeled so we had coconut milk out of a coconut and rested then played in a park with the younger girls team. We also saw a sport I’ve never seen like badmitton soccer and it was fun to watch but I am not coordinated with my feet enough to play!! Then we rode bikes home in more traffic-crazyness.

Shrimp in Coconut & Milk
Shrimp in Coconut & Milk
1st VN Dinner
1st VN Dinner

We showered and went to dinner by taxi. We ate at such acool restaurant outside-not even pictures can describe the atmosphere. The volleyball team I will be trying out for played their last game in a tournament last nite and we watched on TV while we ate, it was so cool!!! They won and placed 3rd and there were thousands of people watching in the crowd as well as televised all over Vietnam. I got so pumped up watching them. The food was delish! I was finally full. Coconut shrimp flame cooked in a coconut, fried rice, sausage, spring rolls, and Vietnamese beer. To end the night we were walking home past a massage place and stopped in for a quick one. It was a face massage. At first I thought she was slapping me! Then I relaxed so much I fell asleep and woke up to my eyeballs burning because I let the cream get in them. The final cool mask calmed them down and I passed out on the table!! We drug ourselves home and up the three flights of stairs and humidity and crashed out on our floor bed at 9:30 pm til 7am this morning and here I am!!

I love it so far and my first coffee is delish!

Vietnamese Ice Coffee
Vietnamese Ice Coffee


  1. What a whirlwind!!! You have done so much already!
    What district are you living in? We lived in Phu My Hung district 7. The English school is also in district 7. It’s called Cleverlearn.

    Will you get a motorbike? Usually, people will hire a Vietnamese, who has a motorbike, to drive them around…like a personal motorbike escort. I had friends that did that and it worked really well.

    Yummy Cafe suda!!! Next time order a cafe suda: it has the thick carnation sweet milk in it.

    In traffic, you’ll get burned by other motorbike exhaust pipes, if you put your left foot down while waiting for a traffic light.

    I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad that this didn’t happen last year.

    Gotta go pretend to teach some more!

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