week long whirlwhind

This is similar to a whirling dervish which was the last week of my life. Last Thursday I spent the early morning hours providing the working man with his cup-o-joe. This Thursday I am getting in my last workout at Crossfit NorCal before I head out to Asia. Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City. I have to write it all out because I still don’t feel it is real. Maybe when I wake up in another time zone in another country on another continent a day ahead of my family and friends it will be real, only time will tell. All the signs pointed there: Eryk’s hat, the USA today article that a customer brought in to me, the Hmong families gathering at the park where I play volleyball. All of it, every sign must be heard and observed as the universe’s only way to guide us to where we are meant to be. Vietnam.


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