feelin’ lucky

humbolt afternoon
humbolt afternoon

Today I thought 19 hours of sleep would put me in a good mood today but it wasn’t goin’ that way. I was driving home after work, after missing my date with Crossfit, after being irritated that Nantucket was closed when I wanted to drop of coffee, when I called my friends….as luck would have it they were close by eating dinner. I stopped by to join them for a bit. Sooooo glad I did. One of the things that makes being back in Chico so lovely, being so close geographically to people who after a whole day of bummers can turn it around with some laughs and good company. I am so glad I can stop by and hang anytime, call and annoy them, go on bike rides, movies, wine tasting, afternoon lounging, ethnic food nights, and so much more. These are the things I have missed while being gone and I feel so lucky to have them so close to me now. That is what I cherish when I feel antsy and restless in Chico, I remember that it isn’t that often that I get these opportunities to enjoy their company so freely. I love you guys.

At 'Grada' Irish band concert
At 'Grada' Irish band concert

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