A Croatian Success Story, Slavonski Poduzetnik

When I was in Croatia my teammates father worked for a business magazine in Osijek. He then submitted his article to the website Croatia Crown network which publishes news and information on Croatians in America and Americans in Croatia. The website founder is a famous Croatian composer, Nenad, who lives in New York. Very cool concept. I was honored to be interviewed for the magazine and then represented on the website.

*From: http://www.croatia.org/crown/articles/9661/1/Slavonski-Poduzetnik-a-Croatian-success-story.html


Slavonian Entrepreneur – Slavonski Poduzetnik business journal in Osijek

The entrepreneur business magazine which interviewed me, Slavonski Poduzetnik, was honored by the Croatian World Network for a few articles-including my interview and another about a man who hand makes custom guitars in Osijek. The man who runs the website is a Croatian composer world renowned but living in America. He connects Americans in Croatia and Croats in America. The man in the first picture on the web link interviewed me and was a father of my former teammate. Although some of the details in the article are incorrect it is still an honor to be recognized twice. I love Croatia 🙂

Crystal Palmer, no 11, from the USA, playing valeyball in Osijek in the first Croatian league
Crystal Palmer, no 11, from the USA, playing valeyball in Osijek in the first Croatian league

Foreigners in Slavonija


The older I am, the more I think of my own business

The main motive to go to Osijek was to play volleyball, meet new people and culture

Before strating my own business, I want to get additional abilities

Last month 28-year-old Crystal Palmer, a competent, puching, comnunitative and attractive girl from the USA left Osijek. She was born in North California, in a small town named Chico which is similar to Osijek and has a population of about 100,000. First of all, it is a town with well developed agricultural and food industry. There she completed high school, and then she went to a college and finally graduated marketing and business course at a national university in Tennesee in 2007.

Arrival to Croatia and Osijek

She started to play volleyball when she was in the first high school class, and she continued to play it when went to college. The system in the USA is different, every single college has its own team and there are competitions between them. The main motive to go to Europe, Croatia and Osijek was to play volleyball, to learn something new, to meet new people, habits and culture. Crystal wanted to test herself and to learn something about our training system. She played volleyball in “AOK Osijek” which won the first place in the first B league and placed itself to the first volleyball league.

Crystal says: “Unfortunately, a bad agent took me to Croatia. But I have positive experiences with Osijek, the people are kind and that is why I wanted to stay here. My boyfriend Eryk came with me from Ireland where he had played basketball professionally. I do not know where are we going to leave? What I am going to do depends on where we are going to leave.”

“I was looking for a free wireless Internet which would be a connection to my family, and so I went to “San Francisco Coffee House” in Osijek. The owners Jasmina Pacek and Denis Tensek helped me a lot during my first months in Croatia. They lived in my town for 5 years, we even have some mutual friends. Of course I’ve got homesickness, but in the USA we have fully different way of upbrining and living.”

Getting of additional abilities
Crystal’s aunt works in marketing business, so she spend a lot of time with her to learn about marketing (advertising). Crystal likes the whole concept of the marketing business.

“When I was making a decision about which college to choose, I thought rationally, I wanted to see how the business ambience looks like. Today you have to know not only your profession, but also how to manage capital. I chose my college to get the ability of managing money and other resources, and to go to postgraduate education after that”, says Crystal. “The older I am, the more I think of my own business, but to start it I have to get additional abilities, because it makes a difference between me and the other people with college degree. It has to be my first step. You have to know that there’s a high percent of people with college degree in the USA. I have always understand marketing and market research, I like analitycal perspective, creation of products for the market. I want to do something constructive. To be successful in your job you have to work hard, have some talent, persistence, rational way of thinking because in business and sport you may not have emotions. You have to be adaptive and flexible, but also have self-control and know how to choose the right way to realise the final cause.”

V. Mihajlović


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