Leprechaun 2008, starting the year in Ireland

Well I am in an airport in Budapest Hungary right now. Who would’ve thought there would be wireless internet for free in this freezing cold desolate country. Budapest was freezing and i couldn’t feel my feet as I walked around looking for the metro and train station and airport and bus….7am tram/walk to Osijek train station. 8 hr train ride to Budapest from Osijek, then Metro to Bus to Airport to Ireland :-))))) I think I used every possible method of transportation except morphing or teleporting or something!!!

whooo hoo peace out snow and freezing eastern Europe and hello rainy Ireland. Well it will be nice to have a break and Eryk and I will get to celebrate the new year with some crazy drunk Irish people. I’ll also get to see some games. I got a 2 week break so I dont have to return for practice till the 14th. I met a really cool couple on the train and we hung out in Hungary inbetween trains and such, they are from Osijek too.

If I can of course I’ll bring back a drunk Leprechaun and some 4 leaf clovers :))
So best wishes to all of you in the new year!! Take Care, I love and miss you all!!!

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